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Exploring Students’ Writing at the English Language Education Study Program

This research aims to explore students’ writing at the English Language Education Study Program of Khairun University. This research aims to analyze students’ genre of writing and to know the results of students writing performances in terms of content, organization, vocabulary, language use, and mechanics. The research applied a qualitative method with a written test … Read more

Efektivitas Pengembangan Media Ular Tangga Berbantuan Kartu Angka

This study aims to produce research products in mathematics learning media, namely snakes and ladders assisted by number cards. In addition, this study aims to determine the feasibility of the snake and ladder media with the aid of number cards if it is applied to elementary school mathematics learning. The type of research used in … Read more

Inovasi Instrumen Penilaian Menggunakan Aplikasi Kahoot di Masa Pandemi Covid-19

The assessment using Kahoot is a measuring tool to assess the extent to which the learning process is conveyed to students. Based on the interview result with teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers still use conventional methods in paper tests (paper). Therefore, an assessment instrument is needed that makes it more accessible for teachers to … Read more

Peningkatan Pemahaman Konsep Matematika dengan Menggunakan Model Realistic Mathematics Education di SDN Binangun

This study aims to determine the increase in understanding of mathematical concepts using the Realistic Mathematics Education model in fourth-grade students at SD Negeri Binangun. The subjects in this study were fourth-grade students at SD Negeri Binangun, Need District, Purworejo Regency, totalling 21 students consisting of 14 boys and seven girls, in the 2020/2021 school … Read more

Pengembangan Media Neraca Lengan untuk Memfasilitasi Kemampuan Berpikir Logis Anak Usia Dini

This research is motivated by the problems in the field regarding the limited availability of learning media in facilitating early childhood logical thinking skills, especially recognizing differences in objects based on the size of the object’s weight. The importance of the ability to think logically from an early age to prepare children to live their … Read more

Pola Pengembangan Pendidikan dan Budaya Karakter Bangsa Di Sekolah, Madrasah dan Pesantren

Education-based on character and culture is urgent to be developed in Indonesia to maintain the integrity of the Indonesian nation in the future. This development must be carried out jointly by elements of educational institutions. In Indonesia, three educational institutions can develop the fundamental values of character education, namely pesantren, madrasah, and schools. This research … Read more

Partisipasi Orang Tua Dalam Mengembangkan Kecerdasan Intrapersonal Anak

Parental participation is very basic in the development of a child’s character, one of which is intelligence. Intrapersonal intelligence is very important for children, if someone has a high level of intelligence, he will be able to control his emotions so that the actions taken are based on the correct knowledge. Therefore, in developing this … Read more

Pembelajaran Matematika Integratif Bernuansa Islam Melalui Project-Based Learning Pada Materi Geometri Dengan Konteks Fikih

It should be realized that research on the integration of mathematics with Islam is numerous and varied. However, if explored more deeply related to research on how to teach integrated mathematics with Islamic nuances, it is still lacking. Therefore, this article will provide an idea or description of what teachers can do to teach mathematics … Read more

Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Melalui Wisata Edukasi dan Dampak yang Didapatkan Masyarakat Desa Pujonkidul

Educational tourism is a type of travel that aims to provide an overview, comparative research or knowledge of the field of work visited. Journal this made for study community empowerment through educational tourism and the impact of the Pujonkidul village community. research conducted using a qualitative approach, namely research methods that go directly to the … Read more

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