Efektivitas Pengembangan Media Ular Tangga Berbantuan Kartu Angka

This study aims to produce research products in mathematics learning media, namely snakes and ladders assisted by number cards. In addition, this study aims to determine the feasibility of the snake and ladder media with the aid of number cards if it is applied to elementary school mathematics learning. The type of research used in this research is research and development using the ADDIE model (Analyze, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation). The subjects in this study were the second-grade students of SD Negeri Blekatuk, while the object of this research was the snake and ladder media with the help of number cards. Data were obtained through the provision of response questionnaires and tests. The feasibility of the product is assessed based on valid, practical, and effective criteria. The research results through a questionnaire given to media experts, material experts, and expert practitioners meet the valid criteria with an average validity of 3.8. With the aid of a number card, the snake-and-ladder media fulfills practicality with a percentage of 79% for a limited trial and a percentage of 81% for a comprehensive trial. Both trials received a positive response. With the help of number cards, the snake and ladder media met the effectiveness criteria, with post-test results reaching 88%. These data indicate that the snake and ladder media, with the help of number cards developed in this study, is categorized as feasible and can be used in mathematics learning activities for elementary school students

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