Exploring Students’ Writing at the English Language Education Study Program

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This research aims to explore students’ writing at the English Language Education Study Program of Khairun University. This research aims to analyze students’ genre of writing and to know the results of students writing performances in terms of content, organization, vocabulary, language use, and mechanics. The research applied a qualitative method with a written test instrument. The researcher selected 42 students to participate in this research, chosen from Class A and B of the fourth semester at the English Language Education Study Program. The result shows that students’ writing genre varies from procedure text, descriptive, discussion, report, recount, spoof, narrative, explanation, and analytical exposition text. From the students’ writing performance results, four respondents obtained excellent category with 9.52%, 19 respondents obtained good variety with 45.23%, nine respondents obtained good category with 19.04%, ten respondents obtained poor class with 23.80%, and one respondent obtained inferior type with 2.38%. The average scores of writings were 78.64 and categorized as Sufficient. It indicates that the students still faced difficulty in producing a good essay. This research found that from five aspects, language use was the aspect that easy for the students because the students obtained good criteria, but in content, organization, vocabulary, and mechanic elements, their standards were average.

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