Pola Pengembangan Pendidikan dan Budaya Karakter Bangsa Di Sekolah, Madrasah dan Pesantren

Education-based on character and culture is urgent to be developed in Indonesia to maintain the integrity of the Indonesian nation in the future. This development must be carried out jointly by elements of educational institutions. In Indonesia, three educational institutions can develop the fundamental values of character education, namely pesantren, madrasah, and schools. This research using a qualitative approach has revealed national character education and culture in Islamic Boarding Schools, Madrasah, and Schools, namely at the Brotonegaran 2 Ponorogo State Elementary School Ibtidaiyah Madrasah Mayak Ponorogo and Darul Falah Islamic Boarding School Sukorejo Ponorogo. The research found two suggestions that need to be considered by pesantren, madrasah and schools, namely the development of character education and national culture should be carried out sustainably and does not need to be taught but developed habituation and example.

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